Kjaart is in Developing. It is supposed to be a design studio runned by my friend Kjell and me. We want to specialize in User Experience- and Graphic design.

I made two identity proposals.

Indesign/Illustrator, 2 days, extracurricular assignment.

Industria font book

Print design

This book is created for the font Industria. The design is based around the characteristics of the font.

The first page is about the development of the font.
The second page showcases all the letters and numbers of the font.
The third page shows us the details of the font.
The last page offers the reader examples of font sizing and spacing.

Indesign, 1 week, school assignment.

My first magazine

Print design

This was the first magazine I ever made. The hardest part was combining the various topics into one continuous layout

Indesign, 5 weeks, school assignment.

Het Groene Oosten

Logo, Engraving, Lasercutter

I made this logo and information signs for a stand on a food fesival.

Illustrator and lasercutter, 1 afternoon, extracurricular assignment.

Magazine grid

Clean and simple layout.

Indesign, 1 morning, school assignment

Bijenkorf folder

Illustrating objects and filling of folder

I designed a folder for a department store 'de Bijenkorf'. This means:'the Beehive'. The theme of the folder was Autumm.

Indesign, Illustrator and Photoshop, 5 weeks, school assignment.

Fairytales at sea

Photography of small statues

These statues are located on the boulevard in Scheveningen. They're called "Sprookjes aan zee" which means "Fairytales at sea". I tried to give the statues a personality, by coming as close as possible without losing the surroundings.



Photography of nature

Playing with close-ups and aperture

School assignment.